Essential Equipment for Landscape Photography – Free Quick Guide

Most of us take landscape photographs, and there comes a point where we transform from a snapshooter into real landscape photographers.

It’s at this point that we often start thinking about equipment.

There are two ways in which I believe we need to address the equipment question:

  1. What equipment do we “really” need to become accomplished landscape photographers?
  2. If I’m going to go off hiking into the woods to create landscape photography, how much do I really want to carry with me?

These are both very legitimate questions.

Author and Photographer David Veldman spends a lot of time shooting landscape photography.

I went to David, and I asked him, “Can you write us an article on what equipment you believe is really necessary when we’re trying to create top-notch, award-winning, landscape photographs?”

And that’s what today’s FREE Quick Guide is all about.

You’re going to get the scoop on:

  • The choice of camera
  • The choice of lenses
  • Tripods
  • Filters
  • Remote Control Release
  • The Photographer’s Ephemeris (?)
  • He even delves into HDR and post-processing software

I think you’ll find this guide not only entertaining but very informative as well!

Photo Credit : Zack Dischner

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