DSLR vs Mirrorless – Free Quick Guide

Should I use/purchase a DSLR camera, or a mirrorless camera? This is a decision that has been on just about every photographer’s mind for the past couple of years.

Every camera we purchase is a major investment- so we don’t want to make a mistake.

You will hear a lot of hype pushing for both types of cameras. Clearly, each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

We asked photographer and author Jason Little to look into this question for us and give us the straight scoop.

  • What does the lens situation look like for a mirrorless versus a DSLR camera?
  • Does a DSLR camera body provide better quality?
  • Is a mirrorless camera body and lens truly less weight?
  • What is the comparison of accessories?
  • Is the industry giving up on the DSLR and moving toward all mirrorless cameras?

Photo Credit : Zhao !

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BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

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