Depth of Field: What It Is and How to Control It – Free Quick Guide

Depth of Field is a powerful tool for photographers. It can be used to direct a viewer’s eyes. It can also establish a mood or even alter the perceived perspective of an image.

Most photographers are aware of the term depth of field (DOF), but many need more clarification about how it works or how to put it to use.

In this guide, you will learn the following:

  • What is the depth of field?
  • Why the lens focal length matters
  • What is the hyperfocal distance?
  • How to use the 1/3 Rule
  • Why the ‘Infinity’ setting on the lens focus barrel is essential to DOF
  • How to place the depth of field window in the correct spot within the frame
  • How to avoid overusing minimum DOF
  • How to use apps to create a depth-of-field illusion and what to avoid when using them

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Photo Credit: Kent DuFault

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