Creating Blur Is Easy; Managing It Is Something Else – Free Quick Guide

We’ve all created blur in photos.

Sadly, blur can occur more often than we desire. Creating blur in our images is easy; managing it to look great is something else.

There are two main reasons for blurred photos. These have to do with focus and subject or camera movement.

Your choice of shutter speed affects how your camera will record movement. If the camera or subject moves when the shutter is open, the photo will be blurred if the shutter speed isn’t fast enough.

Depth of field also plays a significant factor in the implied sharpness of a photograph.

Managing these factors is a gigantic step in your abilities as a photographer.

Here is what’s covered in this guide:

  • Fuzzy vision versus intentional blur – How well do you see with your eyes?
  • Taking control of your depth of field so that you are fully aware of what is in focus and sharp and what isn’t
  • Understanding and controlling camera shake
  • How you can use blur creatively with simple choices
  • Capturing the correct amount of blur when things are moving
  • Mixing blur with existing lights and lighting

It looks like you could have some fun concepts to try this weekend!

Get your copy now.

Photo Credit: Kevin Landwer-Johan

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