Creating a Stunning Online Gallery – Free Quick Guide

Photos are meant to be shared. Sure, social media helps with that.

However, the very best photos that you create should go into your own online gallery.

Having your own online gallery will distinguish you from the crowd.

Jenn Mishra’s eBook for this week will cover the following:

  • What is the best platform for your online gallery?
  • How to select the images for your online gallery.
  • How to prepare your image files, so that they appear perfect in your online gallery.

Jenn says, “In this article, I’ll help you create a stunning online gallery. I’ll help you select photographs to include in your gallery. I’ll suggest features to look for when choosing an online platform to showcase your gallery. Finally, I’ll talk about effectively displaying your work online. Remember! Stunning online galleries have a theme. There is a sense of the photos in the gallery. A random selection of photos will confuse your viewer.”

An online gallery is one of the most powerful tools to promote your photography. Learn today how to get it right the first time you set one up.

Photo Credit: Jenn Mishra


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