Complementary Color – Free Quick Guide

Not too long ago, a Photzy subscriber wrote in asking if we had a publication specific to the topic of complementary colors.

My initial reaction was, “Of course!”

And I went looking for it. However, to my surprise, we did not have this topic covered in our library – and such an important topic it is!

Complementary colors are one of the photographer’s super tools when it comes to garnering audience attention.

Why? Complementary colors react on a primal level within our brains. We can’t turn it off.

Photograph by James Wheeler for Pexels The colors red/orange are complementary to the colors blue/azure on the RGB color wheel. 

By including complementary colors in your photos, it’s like secretly adding superglue for the eyes!

This article was written by Tobie Schalkwyk, who uses complementary colors in his nature photography. Yes, even nature recognizes the power of complementary colors.

Here is what Tobie covers:

  • What are Complementary Colors?
  • Reasons for using Complementary Colors, plus how to use them
  • What complementary colors are not
  • A look at the two primary color wheels for photographers RGB and RYB
  • A look at a few case studies/examples
Guide Cover Photo Credit: Tobie Schalkwyk

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