Color Versus Black and White – Free Quick Guide

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Photography is all about decisions. It begins with choosing your camera, and it never really stops from there. Creating art is all about making creative decisions.

Many photographers struggle with this decision. Should I present my photograph in color or black and white?

Have you wrestled with that decision? I know I have. After you read Jason Little’s Free Quick Guide you’ll have a better understanding on how to make that choice.

  • How to decide when color is important-
  • What elements in a photograph scream black and white?
  • Discover which medium gets the upper hand in depicting mood!
  • Are B&W and Monochrome the same thing? Maybe not!
  • Is there a wrong answer to the question of B&W versus color???
  • Could the shadows in your image help you make a decision?

Photo Credit: Jason Devaun

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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