How to Choose the Right Photography Subjects for Better Images – Free Quick Guide

I want you to consider these two questions…

Does a photographic subject have higher value if it is uncommon?

Would your photography become “better” if you learned how to appraise a subject’s interest value?

These are some provocative questions, and they are both concepts that haven’t been explored much out there in the photography “training” world.

However, when you think about it, the choice of a subject is about as core a skill as you can get!

Question: Is an apple viewed in an uncommon way more interesting?

Question: Does a photo of an apple hold more value (to the viewer) when it is depicted in a way that is not common to daily life?

This guide addresses the unusual topic of subject selection and appraisal. It’s written by Daniel Karlo, and it provides in depth analysis on subject selection, subject selection skills, and learning to evaluate a subject’s potential for your audience.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Why is subject selection important?
  • Why you should be thinking of subject selection as a skill!
  • Discover what it takes to understand a subject’s value…
  • Get inspired for some self-analysis on subject choice and your audience.
  • Participate in subject analysis with the author.
  • Develop your skills in appraising subject interest value!

Photo Credit : Karlo de Leon

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