Camera Settings for Macro Photography – Free Quick Guide

A simple definition of macro photography is close-up photography of small subjects.

To define this a little further – true macro photography only occurs when photographing small subjects with a magnification of ‘life size’ or greater (i.e. where the subject is the same size or smaller than your camera sensor).

Sound confusing? It can be challenging for beginning macro photographers.

Where do you start in this exciting and revered aspect of photography?

This guide is written specifically for getting you started in macro photography by discussing potential camera settings, which is often a difficult concept to grasp.

Here’s what’s covered in this free eBook:

  • Camera gear that you’ll need to get started.
  • What is macro magnification in photography?
  • What is working distance as it relates to macro photography?
  • Composition tips when getting close
  • Camera settings for different macro photography opportunities
  • And finally, what should you do next?

Grab your copy and enjoy this quick read right now!

Photo Credit: Travis Blessing

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