Camera Basics Series: ISO Explained – Free Quick Guide

ISO is the third element that works with shutter speed and aperture to complete the photography exposure triangle.

ISO is an acronym for International Standards Organization. By following these standards, all cameras anywhere in the world determine exposure similarly.

This worldwide measure of light sensitivity came into being in 1974. Before that, numerous measurement systems created a lot of confusion.

Learning and using the ISO setting properly, along with the chosen aperture and time value (shutter speed), helps us ensure that our photographs are correctly exposed and look their best.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at ISO and how our ISO settings affect our images.

Here are the points discussed:

  • What is ISO?
  • What effect do ISO settings have on our photos?
  • How do we adjust our ISO settings?
  • How do we determine what our ISO setting should be?
  • Simple guidelines to commonly used ISO ranges

Take a few minutes to learn everything you need to know about your camera’s ISO setting!

Your copy is below.

Photo Credit: Angela Fulks

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