Bitten by the Macro Bug: Free Models – Free Quick Guide

Many photographers gravitate toward it as a first step toward advancement because of the low cost of entry, and the super-duper major rewards within their images.

One of the most popular macro subjects is insects.

I’m sure that if you think like I do… you’re wondering how to create such sharp amazing pictures of a subject that moves around with lightning speed?


When I read this week’s FREE guide, which is the second part in a ten-part series on insect photography…

I was nothing less than stunned.

Lynne Guenther actually works with insects like they are models!

Did you hear me say that? I’m not kidding.

She has numerous techniques that influence them to work with her and not against her!

I’m telling you, this is a photography guide that you do not want to miss.

Photo Credit: Lynne Guenther

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