Bird Photography: Most Popular Lenses – Free Quick Guide

When it comes to bird photography, the lens really matters.

It can be the difference between an average shot and one that could win you some awards.

Why is this? Well, closer is better.

There are some techniques that can help get you closer to the birds. But, a telephoto lens is a necessity for any ongoing serious bird photography.

If you love taking pictures of birds, and you know that must get a telephoto lens…

However, you are maybe a bit unsure what to buy, and it’s a big investment…

Don’t miss out on this free guide in our 10-part bird photography series.

Tobie Schalkwyk is going to profile a number of different lenses for you. It’s like having your own birding mentor in your backyard.

He’ll give you the scoop on what lens you need and why!

Photo Credit: Neil Crafford_Lazarus

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