Bird Photography: Keeping It Stable – Free Quick Guide

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After a personal hiatus, our bird photography expert Tobie Schalkwyk is back! And our series on bird photography will be starting back up again - THIS WEEK!

Reading Tobie’s free guide, I learned something that I did not know.

Check this out…

When using the long lenses that are typical of bird photography, moving the lens even 1mm (0.04”) on the photographer’s side of the camera can result in the image area being moved several meters on the bird’s end of things!

Move the camera a teensy, weeny, tiny, little bit, and the bird won’t even be in the picture!

This week’s Free Quick Guide is titled Bird Photography: Keeping It Stable.

Now… this is also a very interesting point.

In bird photography, you must keep the camera stable… while at the same time you’re moving the camera!

Bird photography is so personally rewarding. Learn how to create outstanding images just like this one.

Photo Credit: Tobie Schalkwyk

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