How to Avoid Blurry Photographs – Free Quick Guide

Have you taken any blurry photographs lately? I bet you have!

Ask anyone who has ever worked at a camera store (I did for almost two years), and they’ll tell you that the #1 complaint from photographers (especially new ones), is their blurry pictures.

These photographers will often complain that the expensive DSLR camera they purchased is a lemon – it’s not working right!

Grasping the concepts behind taking a sharp photograph isn’t as easy as you might think.

There are a number of physical, and technical, steps that must come together in order to create a sharp image.

Karlo De Leon has written us a wonderful Quick Guide on the subject of blurry photos: The #1 Photo Killer!

Here are some of the topics covered in Karlo’s guide:

  • Why you should strive to achieve sharpness in-camera (and not look to post-production to fix a blurry image problem)
  • A detailed description of what blur is. (Did you know that there are different types of blur, and that the reasons that they occur are quite different?)
  • Blur terminology
  • Specific and tangible steps to help you avoid blurry photographs!
  • Several causes of blurry photos that you may never have thought of!

One of the best aspects of this guide? Karlo not only informs you what blur is, he also tells you how to recognize it, and how to combat it in your own work!

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