App Editing – Free Quick Guide

Have you heard about Snapseed?

Snapseed is an editing app that you can put on your phone or tablet.

Traditionally, it is used to edit your mobile photography.

But, what if it were possible to use it to edit images from your DSLR camera, or your mirrorless camera?

Questions come to mind when I think about this. (My mind anyway.)

  • Can I actually do that?
  • If I can, does it hurt image quality?
  • Why would I even want to consider doing that?

Those are three very good questions that Kent DuFault will be answering this week in our free Quick Guide titled “Is App Editing Constructive or Destructive To Your Photos?”

Kent will cover the following topics thoroughly:

  • Does editing in a phone app degrade image quality?
  • If image quality is degraded – how so?
  • Is the color representation accurate on a phone screen?
  • Controlling black and white points when converting to monochrome…
  • Evaluating your app editing results… using traditional software.
  • A close look at how Snapseed can even outperform a program like Photoshop.
  • What image editing procedures are best left to desktop software?

To answer the important question as to why you would want to turn to an app for editing, I’m going to take this quote, directly from Kent, right out of the Quick Guide:

  1. “Speed! When something works really well, and it’s really fast, why putz around doing things the old way?
  2. Dang it! Snapseed creates cool and exciting visual effects, which I haven’t been able to mimic in Photoshop (or any other program or filter).”

There you have it, my friend.

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