A Focal Point Defined and How to Use One – Free Quick Guide

A focal point is one of the more straightforward composition concepts for a photographer to grab onto.

However, many photographers don’t really understand what a focal point is and, more importantly, how it works to their advantage.

A focal point is most simply defined as the point of interest in an image and the area that is the center of attraction for a viewer. In the fine arts, the focal point is referred to as the point of interest that makes an artwork unique. This is an exciting concept to carry over to photography.

When you choose your focal point, you’re essentially telling a viewer where you want them to look.

Keep in mind that there are essential steps in the use of a focal point.

In this guide, Jo Plumridge provides you with an introductory lesson on focal points in photography.

Here is what Jo covers:

  • What is a focal point?
  • The placement of your focal point and its relationship to depth of field.
  • How lighting, color, and contrast create focal points.
  • Jo gives her favorite focal point tips!
  • How to use multiple focal points.
  • Focal points in photography from the viewer’s perspective.

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Photo Credit: Manik Rathee

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