The 7 Fundamental Skills You Need to Make Your Photos Pop – Free Quick Guide

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Author and Photographer Karlo DeLeon asked me if I could name the 7 Fundamental Skills of Photography.

(Okay… I’m going to be honest with you. I couldn’t. I got to 5.)

Could you name them?

I think you’re going to enjoy this free quick guide because it really brings home a sense of purpose. It’s a firm guideline on what you need to learn to become the very best photographer that you can be!

I looked at it as a bullet point list, and I wrote the 7 concepts down. I then hung my bullet point list by my computer.

It was obvious to me that these were the skills that I needed master before anything else!

Here is some of what you’ll learn. (I’m not going to give away all 7… wink.)

  • What is that magnificent instrument(s) that we use in our art? What do we really know about it?
  • Why do some photographs attract attention like a magnet? And others totally flop… sometimes when the images aren’t even that dissimilar!
  • Without this_______, we have no picture. End of story.
  • The fact that if you, (the photographer), don’t incorporate ________ into your images, viewers are going to pass by faster than a flock of geese heading north.
  • This core skill is so primary to the process… you probably haven’t even thought of it! (It was one of the 2 that I missed.)

Photo Credit : Visualhunt

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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