7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Telephoto Lens – Free Quick Guide

Using a telephoto lens provides you with an opportunity to create pictures that you simply cannot produce any other way.

A telephoto lens is typically the 2nd major purchase for most photographers.

Unfortunately, a lens does not come with a manual on how to properly use it.

Author and Photographer Tobie Schalkwyk works almost exclusively with telephoto lenses ranging from 150mm up to 600mm.

He is an expert on the idiosyncrasies of a long lens.

Tobie will share his views with you on the topics of…

  • The importance of developing a shooting system
  • Why it’s important, even though you have a telephoto lens, to get as close as possible to your subject
  • Why the use of a back button focus setup can vastly improve your telephoto photography
  • He teaches you what image stabilization is and how it works.
  • Using the ‘Reciprocal Rule’ to your advantage
  • When you need to turn IS off!
  • He includes a special section with step-by-step instructions on how to photograph the moon.

Photo Credit: Tobie Schalkwyk

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