6 Free Photography Resources That Will Help You Master the Basics

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When it comes to photography, you really want to understand and master the basics to unlock the absolute joy of this art form. Exposure, composition, and lighting are some of the key skills every photographer should have to produce compelling images.

To help you out with the basics, we’ve put together a list of 6 free photography resources that will give you everything you need to build that foundation. Feel free to check them all out and take your pick.

Note: If you prefer to learn photography by doing, grab the Snap Cards: Essentials – a set of 20 printable key photography cheat sheets that will help you learn and master photography on the go.

With more than 300 free photography ebooks to pick from, this is the most comprehensive collection of free guides on learning photography you’ll find on the internet. Plus, a new guide is added to the library every week! Get access to Photzy’s free ebook library right here: Download eBooks  →

Lightroom is one of the most widely used photo editing programs in the world, and presets will help speed up your post-processing workflow. Give your photos a quick, one-click edit. Download 25 free Lightroom presets from Contrastly here: Download Presets →

Mastering exposure is one of the first things a serious photographer wants to learn to get off auto-mode and take full control of their camera. A cheat sheet can be super handy when getting started with switching to manual mode, just like these from DailyPhotoTips that you can download here: Download Cheat Sheets →

Feeling a little lack of inspiration to pick your camera up and photograph something? Download these photo challenge cards from SheSnaps to help inspire you, challenge your creativity and give you a little push to take more photos. Get them here: Download Challenge Cards →

As it aptly says on their page, The Daily Snap is a 5-minute newsletter for curious photographers. You get a curated email with 5 best photography links each day that consists of everything from news, reviews and tutorials to deals and inspiration, absolutely free. Get It Free →

This one-of-a-kind newsletter delivers exactly what it promises – a simple package of a photograph along with its full color palette breakdown to inspire your creativity. It’s a super-short email that you will look forward to in your inbox every single day, guaranteed. Get It Free →

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