5 Tips for Success When Starting Out in Night Sky Photography – Free Quick Guide

Night sky photography has been all the rage lately.

Check out the example photograph above…

You may look at images like this and think, “I can’t do that.” (That’s what I thought!)

However, you CAN create photographs just like these, and you don’t need a ton of special gear.

What you do need is some carefully worded guidance, and that’s where WE (Photzy) come in.

Photzy has a new writer, and her name is Shari Hunt.

Shari is an expert on night sky photography. She hails from the great state of Texas in the United States. (Bet they have some big open skies there!!)

She even teaches workshops on night sky photography.

She has amazing images and techniques that she is going to share with us over the coming year.

Check out her first Quick Guide…

Photo Credit: Shari Hunt 

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