5 Tips for Setting Up a Photo Blog – Free Quick Guide

You love photography. You live it, you breathe it, and it’s all you can ever think of doing in your life. And you’re good – better than some of the other people you know who also love photography.

But you’re not booking jobs, getting clients, or making money from something that you are passionate about – your photography!

And when you post your best work onto social media, all you hear are crickets.
So, what could be the problem?

It’s a crowded world, and people have to find you to appreciate your talent.

Social media is akin to a general handshake greeting. It’s an introduction.

However, a blog or website says, “I’m serious about my photography, and I want your attention.”

There are several crucial steps in setting up your blog or website.

Karthika Gupta is an expert on the topic, and she is going to guide you through some crucial steps:

  • Selecting a domain
  • Finding a hosting company
  • Choosing a theme
  • The importance of ease in maintenance
  • Cost versus originality
  • The critical aspect of keywords
  • Why you don’t want to get caught keyword stuffing
  • How often should you post and update
  • After reading this article and having this knowledge under your belt, you’ll have the tools to launch your photography website, blog, or both – successfully!

Photo Credit: Karthika Gupta

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