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1. Starting out with one of the pricier items on this list, the Lexar 128GB Professional 1066x CompactFlash Memory Card is worth every penny.

Each card boasts a 128GB of data storage capacity, a speed rating of 1066x, and a maximum reading and writing speed of over 150 MB/s. The Lexar Memory Card has been rigorously tested to give you continued performance, quality, compatibility and reliability for when you capture and transfer all your high quality photos to your laptop or computer.

Have you lost precious memories or a great shot due to file transfer? Well, the card even includes a free download for Image Rescue Software which can recover most photos and a few video files too even if they’ve been erased or the card has been corrupted.

Promising review: “So much space. I bought these just in case I need to be on location for extended periods of time. You can shoot a ton of stills and video without worrying about changing cards. These are loaded into my 1Dx body. Granted I won’t need the extra room for everyday assignments as a freelance photojournalist but I like knowing I have plenty of room. Probably going to need another SSD to download everything on. – John

Price: $229.99 for a pack of 2. Buy it now!

2. Featuring five-section camera support, the Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum Tripod is a compact, strong and great tripod for its price.

It has a pistol grip head and weighs less than 2.6 lb, making it suitable for easy travel too.

Promising review: “Quality and lightweight. I have several manfrotto pods and needed a new one that could fit in my smaller travel backpack. This one is perfect for day trips and shoots where you don’t want to bring the bigger set ups. It is very light but well built, happy to recommend to friends.” – William

Price: $64.88. Buy it now.

3. Remarkably flexible and versatile, the Joby GorillaPod 5K Flexible Mini-Tripod with Ball Head Kit is an amazing kit that has legs made up of several joints, allowing you to wrap it around objects and adapt to uneven surfaces.

The tripod is made of metal and a proprietary ABS plastic that is designed for durability and stable performance.

Promising review: “Great for travelling. I purchased this tripod for my Nikon D7200 when my wife and I were about to go on our honeymoon. We were going overseas so I wanted something light and easy to carry around. This Gorillapod worked great, held my camera with no issue, and I didn’t miss having a full height tripod because I could always find a tree, pole, wall, etc to mount the tripod higher if needed. This Gorillapod was very small and light so we could take it anywhere in a backpack without feeling like it was slowing us down. I would highly recommend this tripod, especially for traveling light.” – Luke

Price: $89.98. Buy it now.

4. The Freehands Stretch Thinsulate Gloves are a must-have for taking photos outdoors, and dealing with harsh or cold weather climates.

They’re waterproof, windproof and lined with Thinsulate to keep you warm in the cold, but still light enough to wear in milder weather too if needed. Featuring magnetic fingertips and a silicon gripped palm, these gloves will allow you to operate your camera outdoors without your hands shaking from chilly weather and affecting that perfect shot! 

The women’s gloves can be purchased here too.

Promising review: “Great gloves! Bought these gloves to use when the temperatures are a little cold during my photoshoots. Perfect fit for my hands. They really are snow and rain resistant. Most of all, I can operate my cameras perfectly, and no worries of losing my grip like when I use other gloves with my cameras. One word of caution, these gloves are not sufficient for extended use in very cold temperatures. For that, I put these gloves inside a pair of mittens, and together they give me the warmth I need, and then the dexterity I need when I use the gloves alone.” – Spark Pilot

Price: $29.95. Buy it now.

5. While we share many of our photos online nowadays, printing photos can be a meaningful gift of a captured memory to family and friends, or a nice way to add that personal touch at home. The Canon PIXMA iP110 Mobile Inkjet Photo Printer is a compact printer capable of color resolutions up to 9600 x 2400 dpi for detailed and vibrant prints.

Features include wireless connectivity for direct printing from mobile devices and cameras, and the printer also takes a range of different paper sizes.

Promising review: “Utterly GREAT printer! I travel around the country to dog shows and take this printer with me. I have the Surf to Summit case for it and it makes the neatest most compact kit to carry around. The printer has been super reliable and makes really nice prints! When I need to print plain old business things at a show it works great doing that too! Its not fast but it sure makes up for that with its flexibility, small size, and beautiful prints! Very rugged high quality little printer!” – Dean

Price: $249.99$149.99. Buy it now.

6. Do you ever find yourself missing the right gear or tech that you need when you’re out in the field? If you said yes, then you’ll love the Humvee by CampCo Safari Photo Vest.

Made of 100% cotton, breathable and with 21 different sized pockets, you can carry everything you need – whether that’s batteries, extra film, filters or lenses. And the cherry on top? Looking the part as a quintessential photographer!

Promising review: “Great Photo Vest! This is the best photo vest I have ever used. With 21 pockets, I can carry all the incidentals I need into the field. The vest is rugged, and comfortable to wear. I strongly recommend this vest to anyone who photographs in wild spaces.” – Dancing Snake Nature Photograph

Price: $44.63. Buy it now.

7. A ‘Training Boot Camp’ for your camera bag, the Snap Cards are 44 printable key photography lessons that you can take with you anywhere!

Whether it’s printed out or saved to your phone or tablet device, these cards are practical and color-coded into 9 common problem area. The topics covered include basic camera operation; advanced camera operation; camera exposure basics; advanced camera exposure; composition basics; basic people photography; advanced people photography; basic camera flash and special techniques.

Promising review: “My best holiday photos yet…These are amazing! So useful. I took them with on my trip to Europe. Read through all of them on the plane… My best holiday photos yet.” – Juan

Total Value: $220.00Price: $29.00. Buy it now.

8. Always be prepared and armed with enough battery for a day out shooting with the Canon LC-E6 Charger for LP-E6 Battery Pack.

This charger is designed for use with the LP-E6 battery pack, which powers the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, and 60D Digital SLR cameras.

Promising review: “A Necessity!! Can’t go wrong with Canon’s LC-E6 Charger. If you only have one, it is great to get another to be able to charge more batteries at the same time and keep your batteries ready to go in a timely manner while on a shoot. Great addition to have in your kit.” – John B

Price: $54.95. Buy it now

9. Explore color composition in your photography with the Hoya 77mm RA54 Red Enhancer, Color Intensifier Filter.

Designed to increase color contrast within an image, without unwanted polarization, the filter is intended to affect specific colors of the visible spectrum passing through it. This Hoya filter makes red and orange colors more enhanced and increases color contrast without unwanted polarization.

Promising review: “Great filter. I’m not a big fan of filters, but using this color enhancing filter while shooting greatly improves the photos, and requires no post-processing!” – Thomas

Price: $82.26. Buy it now.

10. Need a spare battery pack or a replacement? Don’t go off-brand and risk running out of battery just as you need to take a great shot. Get the Canon LP-E6N Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 1865mAh).

Just make sure you check the compatibility first before purchasing.

Promising review: “Great performance and reliable. I’ve used third party batteries, but Canon batteries are the best. Never had a problem with Canon batteries. I highly recommend them.” – Robert

Price: $61.00. Buy it now.

11. Featuring 3 photographic targets, the black X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo will ease your workflow in a variety of ways.

Use it for in-camera white balancing, visual color controls, maintain consistent color between different cameras and lenses, and to support your RAW workflow. The included software allows you to build DNG profiles, and profile adjustments to be applied to hundreds of images, allowing for hours of manual changes to be completed in minutes. This is suitable for all photographers regardless of skill level.

Promising review: “A must for ensuring accurate color. Does exactly what it is supposed to. Build quality is first rate. A little hard to open but I much prefer that to something that won’t stay shut / closed. I also recommend going to X-Rite’s website. Not just to register your product, which you will have to do to download their software, but for what all else they they have to offer. Especially tutorials on color. Even if you already know about color you can learn even more from them. No, I do not work for them. Just impressed with the wealth of info they offer.” – Patrick

Price: $89.99. Buy it now.

12. Discover this project-based photography learning tool, Action Cards.

These cards are a great way of expanding your shooting skills and mastering photography. Like the Snap Cards, they’re project sheets that you can either print or download to your phone or tablet to use. The Action Cards have over 200 photography assignments and are separated into Genre and Composition. Each card features a time and skills breakdown; summary and mini-lesson; sample photographs; equipment needed; tips; action assignments; and self-check system.

Promising review: “I was worried there would be reams and reams of documentation that I had to read…but what I really love was that the Action Card fits all on one page. I went to Vivid (Light Festival) so the night photography and long exposure ones were very useful.” – Clive V

Total Value: $325.00. Price: $39.00. Buy it now. 

13. If you’ve ever had trouble getting an accurate color rendition when taking photos, the Lastolite EzyBalance Gray Card is the answer.

The EzyBalance is a revolutionary tool ideal for adjusting color balance and exposure settings in both digital and film format cameras.

Promising review: “Great Product!!! I would buy this a thousand times again! It is a great product. When my professor showed it to us the first night of class and said we needed one for the course; I was skeptical. I have since become a fan of this product. It is wonderful for getting the correct exposure before taking a photograph. #bestpurchaseever!” – Heyliger

Price: $39.88. Buy it now.

14. If you’ve ever been unhappy with the results that you get from your digital camera, and you’re not sure how to use fundamental editing to your advantage, then check out Photzy’s Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing.

You’ll get a step by step guide to photographic editing from best-selling photography teacher, Kent DuFault.

Promising review: “Even though I primarily use Capture One Pro, I purchased this book because of the fundamental post-processing principles promised and because I expected that many of the fundamentals relating to use of Lightroom and Photoshop together would also apply to my use of Capture One and Photoshop together.”

Kent duFault’s teaching is excellent, and I was very pleased with my purchase. – David E.

Price: $19.00. Buy it now.

15. Take control of every lighting situation and reach your full creative potential with the Mastering Natural Light Video Course by travel/documentary photographer, Mitchell Kanashkevich.

This comprehensive course will show you exactly how to use light to create powerful photos that tell stories and evoke real emotions for your audience.

Promising review: “This course has helped me understand that there is no good or bad light. It’s changed the way I approach making images. I’ve gained knowledge that’ll help me have a more structured approach to using natural light. I feel like I’ll be able to communicate my stories more effectively. I’m already trying the exercises with my kids.” – Roxanne Rohrback Engstrom

Price: $400.00 $97.00. Buy it now. 

16. New to drone photography? The Ryze Tech Tello Quadcopter is great for beginners in drone photography (and also quite fun too!).

It has a built-in camera that can transmit 5MP photos back to your smartphone. It also features electronic image stabilization which helps to keep your photos steady while you’re doing coordinated flight moves.

Promising review: “Fantastic little drone. Works great. Easy to connect and to fly with the Tello app or to program with an app (I use Go Tello and Tello Edu). Very stable and responsive. Can be flown outside only when there is no wind at all. Photos and videos OK. Perfect for getting started and familiarise yourself with drones.” – Jm

Price: $89.99. Buy it now.

17. The Canon 200DG Deluxe Gadget Bag is designed to carry and protect most SLR camera kits.

This bag can hold 1-2 SLR camera bodies and an additional 2-3 lenses, flash, and accessories. You can either carry it by handle or use the removable, adjustable shoulder strap.

Promising review: “Best bag ever. I have owned this bag over 7 months now for 80D camera, 18-135 mm and 55-250 mm lenses, extra battery and charger, Rode external microphone. It still has extra room and plenty pockets. The best among 4 other bags.” – Andy

Price: $49.95. Buy it now.

18. Start taking inspiring and jaw-dropping photos with The Complete Guide to Long Exposure.

It’s a great eBook for learning step by step, and with precise training, how to create magical long exposure shots.

Promising review: “This guide gives a complete overview : what equipment do you need, how to setup your gear, what camera settings do I need. How to solve some problems. Tips on composition. And post processing your long exposure images” – Patrick R.

Price: $19.00. Buy it now.

19. Always be at the ready with the Spider Camera Holster SpiderPro Single Camera System.

This hip-mounted holster provides a way for you to easily access your DSLR on your waist, or remain hands-free until you need to grab your DSLR for the shot.

Promising review: “Hiking Companion. I will admit I was skeptical if the Spider Holster could hold up to hiking but was pleasantly surprised. I am shorter in stature and having my camera with a large lens dangling in front of me while scrambling up hills has always been a challenge. I had my largest lens (Tamron 70-200) on the holster with no issues. It does take some getting used to pulling it from/putting it back into the holster but after 2-3 trips out I am now proficient at it.” – Michael

Price: $135.00 $115.00. Buy it now.

20. Always carry your equipment comfortably with the reliable Peak Design SLL-BK-3 Slide Lite Camera Strap.

Utilising strong, removable anchor connectors that attach to the eyelets of your camera or the mounting plate included, the strap can hold up to 200lb of gear – so the majority of DSLR and mirrorless cameras. With versatile connections and an adjustable length, you can use it to work as a slong, shoulder or neck strap.

Promising review: “Favorite strap. Of all the straps I’ve tried this is my favorite by far. Versatile carrying style. I prefer cross body but over the shoulder works equally well. Happy I chose this strap.” – Catherine

Price: $49.95. Buy it now.

21. Looking for an additional flash and light that is easy to use and portable for your shots? The Yongnuo YN560-IV Speedlite will have you covered.

The Speedlite is a long range manual flash unit capable of triggering other flashes from up to 328′ away as well as being triggered with the RF-603 and RF-602 wireless transmitters. Running on four AA batteries or an optional battery pack via the HV connection, it also comes with a protective case and a stand.

Promising review: “Very nice affordable speedlight. I bought 2 of these for a recent photo shoot. I was surprised at the quality of the speedlights. They have the ability to be a receiver for the Yongnuo transmitters, so attaching a secondary receiver to the bottom of the speedlight is not necessary. Very convenient feature. I have owned other name brand speedlights that are 5 times the price. These are a great alternative.” – Mike

Price: $76.00. Buy it now.

22. When you spend your time and money on your photography gear, it can be a real disappointment if any of that gear gets scratched or broken. This is where the Domke 19×19″ Color Coded Protective Wrap (Blue) helps.

Constructed of padded knit nylon with a non-scratch nylon backing, they can be wrapped around small cameras, lenses, electronic flashes, tools, or anything else that you carry with you in your bag or case. The touch fastener tabs on all four corners allow them to be wrapped in any shape and highly versatile to fit your needs.

Promising review: “Didn’t think I would, but I do like these a lot! Id seen, and read some reviews of this product which were positive, but I didn’t think they would fit into my work style. After taking the plunge and getting one of each color, I have to say, I love em. They adjust to the size you need, they are color coded, super handy and well made. They work with any bag. They are functional but don’t draw attention to themselves. They’re great!” -Dante

Price: $14.89. Buy it now.

23. Do you travel often with your gear? The Tenba BYOB 10 Camera Insert Gray is designed to carry and protect your camera and gear inside other non-camera bags such as larger backpacks, suitcases or handbags.

The Tenba soft outer shell molds to the shape of a variety of carry bags. It can hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera body with up to 4 lenses and accessories It is sure to keep your gear safe and give you more peace of mind when you’re travelling. Check it out today!

Promising review: “Great solution. I purchased the BYOB 10 to use with my non-photography backpack. The build quality of the Tenba is perfect for an insert, and the extra pockets are something most inserts do not include. Unfortunately, the BYOB 10 is just slightly too wide for my pack, so I am exchanging it for the BYOB 9 Backpack Insert, which has about the same room inside, but is narrower.” – Richard

Price: $49.95. Buy it now.

24. The Lowepro Lens Case 13x32cm (Black) is highly portable and has excellent protection for your favourite lens.

It is built from tough nylon and is weather resistant. The Lowepro brand is recognized worldwide for their reliability and durability. With strong dual zippers, and lined with another thick layer of nylon,  the case comes with an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap along with a handy compression strap that you can attach to a backpack or shoulder bag.

Promising review: “Not disappointed. I purchased this case for my Nikon 200-500 mm lens…a perfect fit, well made and nicely padded.” – Suzanne

Price: $39.99. Buy it now.

25. Do you struggle with editing? Understanding Masking in Post Production covers the masking techniques and secrets in popular editing software packages including Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, Camera Raw & Mobile Photography editing apps.

Just remember that even professional photographers rely on post-production skills to perfect their images. This guide contains 171 pages of training, illustrations, and self-check quizzes. Get started straight away right after you purchase with immediate access to the online guide.

Promising review: “I chose the Masking Guide as some of the other books I have read are confusing, this one shows you what to do in simple English.” – Katrina R.

Price: $19.00. Buy it now.

26. If you’re looking for a stylish camera bag, then the ONA Bowery Camera Bag (Canvas, Black) is it!

This camera bag can hold a DSLR and lens, or a mirrorless camera with two lenses and accessories. Features of the bag include water-resistant waxed canvas fabric, solid brass hardware, a padded interior with a removable divider, and 5 open pockets on its exterior. A removable, adjustable shoulder strap is included, and there are several other colors to choose from.

Promising review: “Beautiful bag. I adore this bag. The leather is beautiful. I have been struggling for awhile trying to find a stylish yet functional camera bag, and this is definitely the one.” – Elizabeth

Price: $169.00. Buy it now.

27. The DSLR Crash Course is the perfect eBook for learning step-by-step and discovering photography skills using your DSLR.

It includes practical exercises that will show you exactly what to do after changing your camera settings. The best part is that the exercises build upon the previous ones, and let you naturally discover that ‘aha’ moment after performing each activity. Definitely a must-have for any photographer starting out, or a more established photographer wanting to brush up on their skills.

Promising review: “I have been a professional photographer for 50 years (retired for 10) but I still enjoyed your book very much. It keeps my brain active. I would recommend it to anyone young or old.” – Bob Masterson

Price: $19.00. Buy it now.

28. Do you suffer from a sore neck or shoulders from carrying your camera? The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V2 is a standard camera holstering system that securely holds your camera without the traditional camera strap.

Made up of a clip and a quick release plate, this clip can support up to 100 lb. Further, the quick release plate is compatible with all Arca-type clamps. It’s very versatile and the bonus is the clip can attach to any backpack strap, bag, or belt less than 3″ wide. This is the ideal product for photographers who need their hands free and also need instant access to their camera.

Promising review: “Works like a charm. Does exactly what it’s meant to do, this older model is wide enough for a bag with thicker straps like the mindshift firstlight. Fitted well, works like a charm.” -Estban

Price: $49.95. Buy it now.

29. Protect and keep your camera from all the elements including water, snow, salt spray, dust, sand and dirt with the LensCoat RainCoat Medium Sleeve (Black).

Features include an opening at the rear that allows for simple use of camera controls, while the bottom features a hook-and-loop closure that allows for the use of manual focus and tripods. It is made from durable and lightweight poly tricot material, with tape-sealed seams to ensure protection of your camera.

Promising review: “Simple yet complete. I have tried several different camera raincoats for the occasional time I’ve been caught out in the rain when photographing. I really like the LensCoat material which is pliable, durable and protective. But what is best (for me) is its ease of implementation. Without practice it is easy to quickly enfold over your camera for instant protection. And the wide opening of the back provides easy access to the camera controls. A very good product – simple yet well thought-out.” – Steve

Price: $53.72. Buy it now.

30. Always be prepared and organised with the Pelican 1519 Photographer’s Lid Organizer for Pelican 1510 Case.

While it is made specifically for the Pelican 1510 case, this organizer is easily installed with the included screws for mounting the organizer to the lid. The organiser is made of ballistic nylon with nylon zippers, and features a variety of pockets in different sizes to store and keep your gear organized.

Promising review: “Must have accessory for this case. I installed the organizer with no problems and so far I am happy with it. It doesn’t interfere with the stuff in the bottom of the case.” – Brian

Price: $31.95. Buy it now.

31. With the Lexar Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader, you’ll be able to quickly and reliably transfer photos and other files from any popular memory card type.

This card reader allows you to easily move files between your digital camera, and your computer or laptop. All you have to do is just take the card out of your digital device, slide it into the reader, and drag and drop files onto your computer or laptop. Super easy!

Promising review: “Compact and Convenient. Bought it for the CF, SD and microSD slots and it’s worth it just for those. Might be a bit slower transfer speeds than a dedicated reader for each card type but it saves desk space and only takes up a single USB port when in use.” – Nick

Price: $24.99. Buy it now.

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