3 Tips to Prepare for Your First African Photo Safari: Part 1 – Free Quick Guide

Are you thinking of how wonderful it would be to go on an African safari with your cameras?

Yeah, us too.

Tobie Schalywyk is lucky enough to live in Africa, so when it comes to discussing all of the facts that you need to know before getting there, he’s the guy.

There is so much information to be discussed on this topic that we are breaking it down into two guides.

This is guide number one, which will help you in the preparation stage before you leave home.

In guide number two, which will be published in the coming weeks, Tobie will give you specific tips on how to get the best shots possible.

You don’t want to miss these two guides!

Get ready for your trip of a lifetime.

Grab it here.

Photo Credit: Tobie Schwalkwyk

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