3 Lighting Tips for Portrait Photography – Free Quick Guide

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How are you, friend? Keeping that camera clicking, I hope.

Today, I want to talk to you about taking pictures of people.

A lot of photographers shy away from photographing people. One of the reasons that we hear consistently from Photzy members is that they are afraid that acquiring the necessary gear (to do a good job) will be expensive.

However, they also say that they would like to earn some money with their photography.

The quickest path to that, my friend, is to photograph people!

Our Quick Guide today was written by Lauren Gherardi. Lauren is a master photographer that specializes in fashion and portraiture. She also likes to travel light, which played perfectly into our theme for this week’s guide.

Lauren is going to provide you with 3 tips on how to light a portrait using a single electronic flash as your light source.

Got a flash? You’re ready to rock!

Photo Credit: Lauren Gherardi

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