3 Free eBooks on the Basics of Light in Photography

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EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re looking for a quick way to learn the basics of photography take a peek at our popular cheat sheets: The Snap Cards. If you missed out on your set last time, they’re available again and on-sale right now.

Without light, there would be no photography. It’s as simple as that.  And in order to become the type of photographer that creates well-thought-out photographs and not just not snapshots, you have to understand how light works.

And once you grasp how it works, it will be to your advantage to thoroughly understand how to manipulate it. These skills will help you create photographs that you can pre-visualize in your mind and obtain more consistent results in your images.

This post contains three free guides on the basics of light to get you started!

If you’ve struggled to take advantage of light in your photography and want a complete training on mastering the key concepts of light, do take a look at Kent DuFault’s best-selling guide on understanding light.

Download now → Light is the fundamental medium for any photographer. The entire principle of photography, is to control the light, shaping it to create the image we want. In this free guide, you’ll get a basic understanding of light and how to apply it when you’re out photographing.

Download now → This free guide adds to the previous one by not only giving you a basic understanding on some of the important concepts of light, but also providing you guidance on how to make it work for you by using different equipment and materials to control lighting during a photoshoot.

Download now → Light is one of the many variables a photographer must deal with on the fly which makes it a challenge when photographing in low light. This free guide evaluates the three options you have when dealing with a low light situation – raising the ISO setting, adding an additional light, or increasing your exposure.

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If you’ve struggled to take advantage of light in your photography to the fullest and you want a complete, in-depth training to help you with that, take a look at our best-selling guide Understanding Light, to produce great images by discovering the key concepts of light. 

You’ll get case-studies, how-to instruction. Plus it includes a free printable chart for your camera bag that outlines the psychological effect of colors to ensure you don’t forget when you’re out shooting.

If you missed out on your copy last time. It’s available again, and on sale right now.

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About Sol Walser

Sol lives in Argentina with her young daughter and has been involved in photography for almost a decade, with a particular interest in street, travel and product photography. She recommends Kent DuFault's best-selling guide, Understanding Light Book One to learn how to understand and control light for better photography.

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