18 Stunning Examples of Patterns in Photography

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Patterns are not hard to come across. If you look around for them – in your house, out on the street, or in nature – you’re likely to spot patterns just about everywhere without a lot of effort.

In photography, a pattern is created when a visual element repeats in a scene predominantly in terms of shapes and colors. This repetition can help you create a rather spellbinding image that may sometimes even extend into the realm of abstractness.

This post is a collection of images of patterns that will show you how they can be used as a strong composition tool. Let the photographs serve as an inspiration for you to create your own pattern images.

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Photo by Greg Bulla

Photo by Pradamas Gifarry

Photo by David Clode

Photo by Guillaume Bolduc

Photo by Nicolas Houdayer

Photo by Graphic Node

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Photo by David Clode

Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno

Photo by Nico Knaack

Photo by Brian Wangenheim

Photo by Patrycja Chociej

Photo by Sagar Somsaale

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Photo by George Bakos

Photo by Caroline Selfors

Photo by Craig Manners

Photo by Brandon Wong

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