15 Amazing Gifts for Photographers this Father’s Day


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Father’s Day is a special day where we come together as a family to celebrate fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and father figures.

If you’re looking for an amazing gift for a photographer this Father’s Day, then check out our list of top 15 gifts this year 👇

1. iMemories | Covert Your Memories to High Resolution Digital Files | 50% Off!

As with all special holidays and events, Father’s Day is another opportunity to make new and special memories. Nowadays, it’s easy to take for granted that all of the current and new memories we’re making are commemorated digitally, on our phones and easily stored on harddrives or online.

But what about the older memories that we have on tape, film and photos? Those memories sitting on the bookshelves or in the attic, gathering dust? If you want to easily convert every one of those sentimental and precious moments, then check out iMemories. You can easily transfer your old VHS tapes, film and photos to DVD and Digital formats. Best of all? They’ll label and organise all your memories, and will return all of your originals – guaranteed!

Promising review: ★★★★★ “I could not be happier with iMemories. I wanted to convert my parents’ wedding album to DVD so I could share copies with my siblings at a planned get together. I delayed and was running short of time, so I just had iMemories load the pictures straight to DVD. It looks great! I plan to go through the rest of my photos and send more in.” – Nora H.

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2. The PhotoStick Omni | 40% Off!

Whether you’re super organised or not, every photographer faces the challenge of filing and storage photos and video. It can be really tricky, especially if you’re constantly adding to the amount of photos you need to organise, backup, and store safely. For an easy solution, check out ThePhotoStick! It will find, sort, and backup all your photos and videos in just minutes. 

Best of all? It’s easy to use and keeps all your previous work and memories safe. Compatible across all computers, phones and tablets, and boasting over 1,500,000 users, check out ThePhotoStick today as the ideal gift for every photographer.

Promising Review: ★★★★ “I now have about 24,000 originals preserved forever. I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little “stick” managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,000 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault, a cost-free and independent method of safekeeping.” – Cyril R.

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3. OlumiRing | Travel Friendly LED Light | 20% Off!

We’re spending more time on camera, and using cameras, than ever before. Regardless of what scenario or environment, every photographer has to contend with the importance of light. If you’ve ever been out shooting and needed additional light sources, you’ll know how annoying and time consuming it can be to wrangle a bulky tripod or light stand set up. This is where OlumiRing comes in.

It’s super versatile and provides perfect lighting anywhere, anytime. With a built-in clip that attaches to any phone, tablet, camera, laptop, desktop (and more!), it’s compact and portable, with a rechargeable battery that lasts over an hour. Need it for longer? All you need to do is plug it in for an unlimited run time. It even has adjustable colour to suit whatever environment you’re in and what kind of light you need.

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “Best Device Ever!!! I’ve been looking for the right light to travel with while I vlog and once I received my first OlumiRing in the mail, it completely changed the quality of my content for the better. I ordered another 3 so I never find myself in a situation where it;s time to record and I don’t have good lighting” – Efrosini

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4. ScreenKlean | Clean Screens in Seconds | 50% Off!

It can be pretty annoying when you’re planning the perfect scene to photograph and then you realise that your lens or screen is smudged or dirty. It can slow you down and take you out of the moment. If you want to keep your screens ‘high-def’ clear, using a non-toxic and chemical-free solution, then check out ScreenKlean

It works on all screens – smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, digital cameras, game consoles, windows – you name it. Easily lift fingerprints, oil, dirt and smudges with the electrically-charged carbon molecules of ScreenKlean’s cleaning pad. Developed to prevent scratches and smudges on actual NASA space station equipment, you can guarantee that the cleaning pad will work and is safe on your expensive screens.

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “Awesome smartphone screen cleaner. This item works great. Besides doing exactly what it is supposed to do, I love the fact that it has its own case so it can get tossed in a pocket or handbag. I’m going to get more so I have one in my handbag, my night stand and my car. EXCELLENT!” – Ms Michie

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5. Snap Cards: Essentials | 80% Off!

What is the best way of learning photography? Surely by doing it! If you’re looking for a gift to help your loved one practice photography on-the-go, then check out the Snap Cards: Essentials. With 20 printable key photography cheat sheets, your dad can have his very own personal, photographic mentor right there with him as he’s photographing. The cards are easy to use, and come colour-coded into 8 common problem areas, and cover a wide range of topics ranging from beginner to intermediate levels of photography.

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “I printed the set and laminated them straight away, took the applicable sets on specific shooting sessions, as designed. They helped remind me of details I had forgotten over the years.” – John M.

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6. UV Brite Water Bottle | 33% Off!

When you’re a photographer, you have to prepare for almost any scenario you could face out there. Staying hydrated is especially important – that’s not just a photographer’s necessity, it’s a human being’s necessity. Enter UVBrite – a self cleaning water bottle that can purify water in minutes! 

Great for the photographer who finds themselves outside or travelling for the perfect shot – and where you can’t easily go to the shops or guarantee a high quality of drinking water. UVBrite works by emitting UV light which can effectively eliminate bacteria and virus germs in your water by up to 99.99% – all with the touch of a button! The bottle has plenty of longevity, is self-cleaning and keeps your water fresh as well with its double wall stainless steel, while having a stylish design too.

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “Just What I Was Looking For! I love my water bottle! I have bought so many different bottles over the years and this one is the best. Drinking water from this bottle gives me peace of mind knowing it’s completely sanitized and yet doesn’t change the taste or smell. I’m very happy with my purchase.” – Jet H.

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7. FIXD | Diagnose Car Problems Using Your Phone | 50% Off!

If you’re looking for a gift to cover the photographer who enjoys driving to different locations for photography, then FIXD could be just what you’re looking for! FIXD is a device that you can plug into any gas, diesel or hybrid car (model year 1996 onwards), to diagnose any potential issues with your car in real time – and all on your smartphone. 

Check Engine Light on? All you have to do is check your phone and it’ll tell you how severe the issue is and how much it’ll cost to repair in simple and easy terms that anyone can understand. So if your dad is looking to take a long trip away for some bird photography or landscape shots, FIXD will keep his car running smoothly and allow him to focus on the important things – the photos!

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “FIXD works perfectly! We got the 2 sensors deal, so my wife and I could decipher that dreaded check-engine light. Although we ran into a few installation issues; thanks to timely, excellent and extraordinary technical support from Casey and Davis at FIXD, those issues quickly became a thing of the past. In summary, these guys are the bomb! I highly recommend FIXD.” – Michael P.

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Trade up landscapes and wildlife photography with photographing the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the city and its busy streets with this Kit from Photzy! Learn more about street photography, or get reacquainted with the topic, in Volume 1 of the Street Photography Guided Resource Kit. 

With 17 pieces of curated content, a guided video walkthrough and 3 hands-on exercises and assignments, this Kit is ideal for any photographer wanting to learn at their own pace and also get plenty of creative inspiration too.

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9. KeySmart | Key Organizer | 50% Off!

Sometimes you don’t know you want something until you see it. KeySmart is one of those products. It’s a compact solution to the bulky, leg-poking keyrings of old, whilst also including some cool multifunctional tools as well. Think of it like a Swiss Army Knife but for your keys. 

Made with aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, the KeySmart is durable and will keep you organised, fitting all types of keys. It’s an ideal gift for everyone, but particularly for the photographer in your life. It includes a 16GB USB so they can backup and store any photos to make more space on the camera, and also a nano light if you ever need to inspect or check equipment in darkly lit areas.

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “This is the best invention for keeping keys since the invention of the keyring. Got my home and work keys on it with my car fob hooked on, so it’s compact and my keys don’t stab my leg anymore. I’d buy it again in a minute.” – Phil S.

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10. Bondic | Fix Virtually Anything | 40% Off!

Being prepared when you’re out photographing in the field is an integral part of being a photographer. Things can happen that don’t always work out in your favour, and especially when you’re dealing with equipment, and different environments that you may not be familiar with, it pays to be prepared. 

While we’re not advocating for it to be used to repair together any expensive digital camera (unless you know what you’re doing), Bondic is a great formula for any repairs that need to be done in a pinch! Whether it’s metal, wood, glass, plastic or ceramics – Bondic can handle it. Broken eyeglasses? Tripod leg lock tab broken? Setting up a still life photography scene? All sorted.

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “I have recommended it to every repair and crafts person I know! In the 2 months I have owned this I have found dozens of uses, from repairing a breathing mask to look like new and be stronger than originally, to repairing broken eyeglass frames to look as good and be as strong as new, to making an optical path and lens to bring an internal computer drive out through an enclosure to where I can see it.” – Michael L.

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11. Dodow | Naturally Fall Asleep Fast | 45% Off!

We all know bad sleep can impact a person in any number of ways. But what’s bad sleep mean for a photographer? Well, you could miss the opportunity for an amazing sunrise shot, the birds that only frequent a specific location in the morning, or even wake up late for a photoshoot that you planned with friends or a client. That’s not even accounting for how tired and grumpy a person can be with bad sleep! 

If your father is one of the many people out there who finds it hard to “turn off” all the busy thoughts in their head and take ages to fall asleep, check out Dodow. It works by using a metronome-light, scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns, and combines the principles of yoga, meditation, and behavioural therapy. Dodow could really help them get better and more restful sleep.

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “This is a great way to fall asleep faster! For years I have had problems sleeping. It seemed like whenever I lay my head down, my mind kicked in. I tried pills, exercise, anything I could to get to sleep. I heard about the Dodow and thought I would give it a try. The blue light is actually soothing and the breathing technique helps for total relaxation. I can honestly say that I don’t even make it through the 8 minute cycle before drifting off. I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs help shutting down at night.” – Larry F.

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12. Peeps | Keep Your Glasses Crystal Clear | 40% Off!

The same way smudged or dirty camera lenses are annoying and can take you out of a moment you’re trying to capture, smudged and dirty glasses can distract and take you out of a moment you’re experiencing too. Check out Peeps! An ideal gift for anyone who wears glasses and sunglasses, Peeps are a revolutionary new way to get spotless lenses. Get your glasses as clean as the day you got them – every time, with up to 500 uses. The soft carbon microfiber pads in Peeps help to eliminate oil and fingertips instead of the usual cloths and sprays. It comes with a scratch resistant brush and a compact carrying case in an array of colours too!

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “I was skeptical at first but wow! These really really work. Other cleaners always seemed to leave a hint of film on my glasses, but these leave no traces. Just crystal clean lenses. I plan to buy more so I can keep them where I need them (truck, work, golf bag,etc..)”. – Richard

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A widely popular photography genre, learning to take beautiful landscapes is sure to be on many a photographer’s to-do list. In this starter kit from Photzy, you’ll get 17 pieces of curated content of all the best material to learn about landscape photography. With a guided video walk through, and hands-on assignments and exercises, this Landscape Photography Guided Resource Kit will help you to learn and master landscape photography at your own pace and accommodating to your own learning style and skill.

My fav part: ★★★★★ “Photzy has given my wife and I a new way to quickly learn new tips and skills and challenged us to move outside our comfort zones to become better photographers.” – Michael W

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14. ChargeHUB+ | Portable Wireless Charger | 40% Off!

These days, we’re all carrying around a few different devices – phone, tablet, laptop, smart watch…the list can go on. This is no different for photographers. In fact, we probably carry even more devices than the average person usually does when we’re out in the field. Being caught out with a low battery can really get in the way – but ChargeHubGO+ solves this! It’s the only portable charger with a patented SmartSpeed Technology and a wireless charging pad for fast and convenient charging. It’s lightweight and slim in design, and has compatibility with almost all devices too. You never have to worry about being caught out with a dead battery again!

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “Perfect power bank for everyday use. The 5000 mAh ChargeHubGO+ is my new go-to portable power bank. Its lightweight, slim design and built-in charging cables make it compact and functional enough to carry around for everyday use, and its 5W wireless charging pad sets it apart.” – Rebecca A.

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15. GOpure Pod | Purify Tap Water, Everywhere | 40% Off!

Drinking water quality is something many of us may take for granted. In fact, even if we are assured safe-to-drink tap water, the standard of the quality can vary depending on a number of factors that we don’t always think about! Have you ever winced at the metallic taste of tap water? If you want assurances that your water is purified and tastes good every single time – then check out GOpure

The GOpure Pod is the world’s first portable water purification system which can turn any contaminated tap water into crisp, delicious, pH-Balanced drinking water. All you have to do is drop the pod into your water bottle or jug of water, and it does all the work. For a photographer who’s always on-the-go, travelling or sightseeing, the GOpure Pod is a handy thing to keep in the camera bag if shooting out in the field and when your water sources are more limited.

Promising Review: ★★★★★ “I love this product. I leave it in my water bottle and it makes me feel much better about drinking water when I am travelling or just out. Super simple and easy to use.” – Ronny

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