10 Places You Must Photograph When Visiting New Zealand – Free Quick Guide

We are very sorry about the timing of our publication of this guide, 10 Places You Must Photograph When Visiting New Zealand, which makes reference to White Island. This eBook was prepared many months in advance to the tragedy that occurred during a volcanic eruption on White Island in December 2019. We understand that this poor timing may come across as insensitive to the victims of the White Island eruption and those that have been affected, which was not our intention at all. We aim to remedy the situation as soon as possible by amending the eBook with the permission of the author.

We sincerely apologize for any pain or offense caused by the publishing of the eBook at this time. This was an error on our part. We should have checked to ensure this eBook was not scheduled, given recent events. Again, we deeply and sincerely apologize.

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What photographer hasn’t dreamed of photographing New Zealand?

If you have an upcoming trip to New Zealand, or it’s on your bucket list, or you just want to drool over one of the most amazing photographic locations on earth…

Ľudmila Borošová is a new author-photographer here at Photzy. She is a top-notch talent, and we are lucky to have her join our team of freelance writers.

Ľudmila recently spent six months living in New Zealand. She has the insider scoop on this amazing landscape photography opportunity.

Don’t miss out!

Ľudmila will reveal the hidden gems for photography - that only a local knows!

Photo Credit: Ľudmila Borošová

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