Using Motion in Landscapes – Free Quick Guide

Photzy recently took a survey of our members, and we discovered something from that survey.

Virtually all of you love landscape photography!

Our Quick Guide today comes from David Veldman. He is going to share with us one simple equation that can help you create awesome landscape photography.

What is that equation?


David is going to explain the following ideas and techniques…

  • Why motion helps add drama!
  • What camera settings you should be using to add motion to your landscape photography.
  • The Romance of Movement (this is where the dynamite comes from…)
  • Why clouds are your friend and how to use them!
  • Fog & Mist: the elusive element that is sweet as honey to your efforts.
  • Wind: You can fight it… or you can put it to use!

I know you’ll enjoy this guide. We always get positive feedback on David’s work.

Photo Credit: David Veldman

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