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What are “SNAP! Cards”? They are a “Training Boot Camp” in your camera bag…

We polled ‘thousands’ of photographers and asked them:

“What’s your biggest deterrent when trying to learn new photographic techniques and concepts.”

The answer that we heard over and over again, (by a huge margin), was this:

“When I’m out shooting photographs the training materials are sitting at home.

…I don’t have an easy method to reference back to what I studied, so that I can apply it to the photographs that I’m currently creating!”

Here’s the difficulty.

You invest in good quality photographic training. Maybe it’s a video, eBook, or even a workshop. You study these excellent tools while you’re in the comforts of your home.

But, what happens when you leave to go out on a photo shoot? What happens when you’re out in the middle of the woods, and you can’t quite recall that one concept that seemed so valuable when you read it last Saturday night?

What happens when you bring your camera to that ‘once in a lifetime event’ and you’re now having an exposure problem…

…a problem that you can’t sort out, and the exposure training video that you watched three weeks ago is nothing more than a hazy blur?

That’s a very real problem…

To solve this dilemma, Photzy pulled together some of the best minds in photographic training and asked them-

How do we educate new and intermediate level photographers in a fresh and exciting way- that helps them when they need it most- when they are out shooting: away from their computers, laptops, or even their smart phones?

How do we put the training information in front of them- even if it’s raining…


or freezing…

or humid…

or sandy…

or any number of environmental conditions that a photographer will find his or herself photographing?

(Situations that, quite frankly, don’t mesh well with electronic devices.)

The result of this discussion was nothing short of a “simple” miracle.

All we needed now- was the right talent to pull this new and groundbreaking idea together.

Introducing… SNAP! Cards: 44 printable key photography lessons that you can take with you anywhere!

Wherever you are! These SNAP Cards are your own personal photographic mentor- Your boot camp instructor pushing you to new limits!

It's our brand-new secret photographic training method, that will help you learn and master your photography on-the-go.

This training won’t sit around unused, and gathering dust. They come with you.

(By the way… You will NOT find this product ANYWHERE else! We researched it extensively.)

Unlike other training material, these cards come into the field with you!

Take a peek at topics covered:

Color-coded into 9 common problem areas. Each of these topics holds from 1 to 8 printable, portable, and easily reproducible photographic training materials.


  • Creating Sharp Pictures
  • How To Hold A Camera
  • Lens Focal Length
  • Scene Modes


  • Autofocus Modes
  • Background Blur
  • Depth Of Field
  • Drive Modes
  • Raw Vs JPEG
  • White Balance


  • DSLR Terminology
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Shooting Modes
  • Metering Modes


  • Exposure Compensation
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Histogram
  • Landscape Exposure
  • Low Light
  • Manual Mode
  • Mastering Backlight


  • Composition Beginner Tools Part 1
  • Composition Beginner Tools Part 2
  • Composition Intermediate Tools Part 1
  • Composition Intermediate Tools Part 2
  • Composition Psychology


  • Planning A Portrait
  • Portraits Natural Light Indoors
  • Portraits Natural Light Outdoors


  • Portraits Cropping
  • Portraits Group Posing
  • Portraits Individual Posing Female
  • Portraits Individual Posing Male


  • In-Camera Flash


  • Landscape Checklist
  • Landscape Creative Tips
  • Macro Photography
  • Night Photography
  • Photographing Birds
  • Photographing Moving Water
  • Social Media Image Sizes
  • Photographing Sunsets

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Here’s why the “SNAP! Card” system will work wonders for you:

  • Completely Portable Training, so you can Study When and Where (Anywhere) that You Have Time
  • Easy to Understand Graphics. Bright, Colorful, and Easily Understood
  • HUGE Range of Themes and Lessons – Organized, and Color Coded, for Easy Retrieval
  • A professional photographer and educator scrutinized all of the topics and the training concepts for maximum effectiveness
  • The Concepts are explained with Beautiful Examples
  • Each card can be studied in electronic form, and even more importantly, they can be easily printed and taken with you on your photo shoots!
  • These superb cards can be printed in a smaller A5 size to fit into your camera bag with ease. Or, if you prefer, you can also print them at the larger A4 size with no loss of readability
  • They are easy to laminate for increased durability. You could actually pour water onto them after lamination!
  • Lost one of your cards? No problem! Just print out another one…
  • Covers a Wide Range of Topics From Beginner to Intermediate Levels of Photography
  • Move from key lesson- to key lesson- quickly and easily
  • Pick and Choose Your Lessons at Will
  • It’s Like having a Photographic Mentor at Your Side (while you’re out shooting)
  • Not 1 – Not 10 – Not even 20 – But 44 Fantastic and Pertinent “SNAP! Card” Lessons that will Kick Your Photographic Training into High Gear- Why? Because you will have them with YOU when you need them the most- when you’re actually out shooting pictures!
  • These carefully crafted, written, and illustrated cards will teach you all the intricate aspects of photography (those aspects that are so difficult to grasp). Histogram? No problem! Depth of field? No problem! Exposure? No problem!
  • And the Lessons go on and on!

Here's the deal:

A lot of time and effort from numerous experts went into the development of the “SNAP! Cards” product line.

1-on-1 sessions with the professionals that created these cards would cost you $100's. Having them there in the field with you, that'd be $1,000's...

But you won't pay that.

With these cards, you'll get the same training, for a fraction of the cost.

Each cart will retail for $5.00USD. That means, buying the complete collection individually will cost you $200+ USD

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Join more than 170,728 photographers just like you. And take better photos with our tutorials! You're protected with our 365-day risk-free money back policy! Find out more »

Hear what people really think about the Snap Cards:

Amy W.

…I was a little worried whether there’d be enough useful information on the cards…

…I was pleasantly surprised. They are extremely useful. I’ve printed out different sets and they now live in my bag.

Amy W.
Juan P.

My best holiday photos yet….

These are amazing! So useful. I took them with on my trip to Europe. Read through all of them on the plane… My best holiday photos yet.

Juan P.

Let’s talk about a real world scenario…

You are about to embark on a Landscape Photo Safari.

Lately, your results haven’t been that great. You’ve done some studying, but you’re having problems with exposure, color, and getting your shots sharp.

So… you go to your “SNAP! Card” collection.

You print out the following “SNAP! Cards”, which will help train you on the following concepts as you go about your photo shoot-

  1. How to Properly Hold a Camera
  2. Creating Sharp Pictures
  3. Landscape Photography Checklist
  4. Landscape Creative Concepts
  5. Photographing Sunsets
  6. The Exposure Triangle
  7. Understanding the Histogram

You drop these portable “SNAP! Cards” into your camera bag, and you’re ready to go.

You arrive at your destination, and you see a beautiful landscape photo opportunity...

Time to refer to your SNAP Cards...

  • Yes. You’re holding the camera correctly for a steady (sharp) picture.
  • You’re following all of the tips listed on the “Getting Sharp Pictures” SNAP! Card. Your photo will be critically sharp
  • You notice something in the scene that could improve your shot. Why? Because you just referred to Your “Landscape Creative Concepts” card as well as your “Landscape Checklist” card. You adjust your camera position for a better composition.
  • The Sun is setting. You know that the proper exposure is going to be tricky.
  • You refer to Your “Photographing Sunsets” and the “Exposure Triangle” SNAP! Cards. They help you to make the best exposure choices.
  • Finally, you take a test shot. You pull out the “Histogram” SNAP! Card and triple check your results against the histogram shown on the camera.
  • All looks good! And, you learned a lot- right there and on the spot- while you created the photograph

No matter what the situation – These Snap Cards will have you prepared.

The above example is just one of the thousands of different scenarios these cards will have you prepared for.

Grabbing your set of these snap cards will give you the confidence to tackle any photo opportunity like a professional.

Simply make the decision to get your set now.

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Join more than 170,728 photographers just like you. And take better photos with our tutorials! You're protected with our 365-day risk-free money back policy! Find out more »

Frequently Asked Questions:

"Why are these 'Printable', what does that mean?"

Be honest – How many times have you downloaded a guide and never actually read it?

We’ve found that printing materials ensures you actually go on to read the content. Simply put– if you print it out, you are far more likely to take action, and get RESULTS. That’s important to us.

"What exactly will I receive?"

You will be receiving the 44 downloadable Snap Cards as a .pdf file. So you can print them out and take them with you everywhere.

Plus you’ll receive 2 bonus videos to help you with the printing process.

"Will this work for my camera?"

95% of the information on the Snap Cards are not camera specific. So whether you are shooting on a DSLR, Mirrorless, or even an iPhone, you will find these incredibly helpful as reference material.

"Is this a downloadable file, or will I receive the printed cards in the mail?"

You will be receiving a downloadable PDF file of the cards, for you to print out at home. This means you can access them anytime anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about losing them.

In just MINUTES from right now… You could be well on your way to taking your photography to the next level. No need to wait for shipping!

"Are these Snap Cards for beginners?"

These cards are designed to cater for beginner to intermediate photographers. If you’re a beginner, these cards are going to give you some great reference material for when you are out shooting. If you’re more on the intermediate skill level, we’re definitely got plenty of cards in there to help you out too.


You really only have 2 options:

OPTION#1 You keep doing what you’re doing now, keep getting the results you've been getting, and continue praying that eventually you'll figure out this whole photography thing  ...Or...

OPTION#2 Take control of your photography now. Grab these snap cards. And change the way you learn photography from this point forward. These cards will give you the knowledge and confidence you need, to shoot like a pro, every time, in ANY situation. It's only $220  $29 for a limited time, and it comes with an unbeatable 365-day money-back guarantee.

This will change the way you learn photography.

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