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What are Snap Cards™? They are a “Training Boot Camp” in your camera bag…

We polled ‘thousands’ of photographers and asked them:

“What’s your biggest deterrent when trying to learn new photographic techniques and concepts.”

The answer that we heard over and over again, (by a huge margin), was this:

“When I’m out shooting photographs the training materials are sitting at home.

…I don’t have an easy method to reference back to what I studied, so that I can apply it to the photographs that I’m currently creating!”

Here’s the difficulty.

You invest in good quality photographic training. Maybe it’s a video, eBook, or even a workshop. You study these excellent tools while you’re in the comforts of your home.

But, what happens when you leave to go out on a photo shoot? What happens when you’re out in the middle of the woods, and you can’t quite recall that one concept that seemed so valuable when you read it last Saturday night?

What happens when you bring your camera to that ‘once in a lifetime event’ and you’re now having an exposure problem…

…a problem that you can’t sort out, and the exposure training video that you watched three weeks ago is nothing more than a hazy blur?

That’s a very real problem…

To solve this dilemma, Photzy pulled together some of the best minds in photographic training and asked them-

How do we educate new and intermediate level photographers in a fresh and exciting way- that helps them when they need it most- when they are out shooting: away from their computers, laptops, or even their smart phones?

How do we put the training information in front of them- even if it’s raining…

…or snowing, or freezing, or humid, or sandy…

or any number of environmental conditions that a photographer will find his or herself photographing?

(Situations that, quite frankly, don’t mesh well with electronic devices.)

The result of this discussion was nothing short of a “simple” miracle.

All we needed now- was the right talent to pull this new and groundbreaking idea together.

Introducing… Snap Cards™- 44 printable key photography lessons that you can take with you anywhere!

Wherever you are, these Snap Cards™ are your own personal photographic mentor- Your boot camp instructor pushing you to new limits!

It’s our brand-new secret photographic training method, that will help you learn and master your photography on-the-go.

This training won’t sit around unused, and gathering dust. They come with you.

(By the way… You will NOT find this product ANYWHERE else! We researched it extensively.)

I was a little worried whether there’d be enough useful information on the cards…
…but I was pleasantly surprised. They are extremely useful. I’ve printed out different sets and they now live in my bag!”

– Amy W.

I did not know that I needed them so much…
The cards were truly a blessing to me as I could take my time and peruse them at my own pace while I played with the camera as I was reading through them… Your cards covered many “basic” ideas such as how the exposure triangle works together yet you also gently covered intermediate topics and even branched into some advanced topics without leaving me on the fringe, Thank you.”

– Charlie E.

A very comprehensive way to understand photography concepts”

Alitza A.

The Snap Cards™ are conveniently organised and color-coded into 9 common problem areas:

Basic Camera Operation

  • Creating Sharp Pictures
  • How To Hold A Camera
  • Lens Focal Length
  • Scene Modes

Advanced Camera Operation

  • Autofocus Modes
  • Background Blur
  • Depth Of Field
  • Drive Modes
  • Raw Vs JPEG
  • White Balance

Camera Exposure Basics

  • DSLR Terminology
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Shooting Modes
  • Metering Modes

Advanced Camera Exposure

  • Exposure Compensation
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Histogram
  • Landscape Exposure
  • Low Light
  • Manual Mode
  • Mastering Backlight

Composition Basics

  • Composition Beginner Tools Part 1
  • Composition Beginner Tools Part 2
  • Composition Intermediate Tools Part 1
  • Composition Intermediate Tools Part 2
  • Composition Psychology

Basic People Photography

  • Planning A Portrait
  • Portraits Natural Light Indoors
  • Portraits Natural Light Outdoors

Advanced People Photography

  • Portraits Cropping
  • Portraits Group Posing
  • Portraits Individual Posing Female
  • Portraits Individual Posing Male

Basic Camera Flash

Special Techniques

  • Landscape Checklist
  • Landscape Creative Tips
  • Macro Photography
  • Night Photography
  • Photographing Birds
  • Photographing Moving Water
  • Photographing Sunsets
  • Social Media Image Sizes

Here’s why the Snap Card™ system will work wonders for you:

Here's the deal:

A lot of time and effort from numerous experts went into the development of the Snap Cards™ product line.

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But you won’t pay that.

With these cards, you’ll get the same training, for a fraction of the cost.

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