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The Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing.

Learn the fundamental editing steps from a pro, that will change your photography forever! Don’t let your lack of editing knowledge cripple your efforts with the camera…

165 Pages covering the 15 fundamental edits, in Lightroom, Photoshop & elements. Includes case-studies, self-check quizzes and assignments.

Value: $40.00

The Complete Landscape Photography Guide.

Discover the Secrets to Capturing Amazing Landscape Photographs! With this guide you’ll be creating compelling, calendar-worthy landscape images, fast.

Transform Your Landscape Photography from “Ho-Hum” to “Hot-Stuff” Read this guide, and your Landscape shots WILL get attention.

Value: $50.00

The Advanced Composition Guide

Create beautiful images by discovering advanced composition techniques!

Get BEYOND the rule of thirds. Discover how to SEE light, shadow, lines, curves, space, repetition, and focal points. Together we’ll explore the skills of anticipation, pre-visualization, and timing. So you can produce photographs that are uniquely yours.

This eBook is your shortcut. It’s years and years of practical knowledge, condensed into 239 pages packed with training, illustrations, and assignments!

Value: $50.00

Understanding Light: Book One

Understanding Light is The Secret to Incredible Photography! Discover How to Produce Amazing Images With Our Exclusive Training Guide to Light.

You’ll Discover the key concepts of light. This guide is the first step towards mastering light, and knowing how to make it work in your photography.

Value: $40.00

Understanding Light: Book Two

Become a Master of Light And Produce Awesome, Inspiring Images of Your Own! Building on the previous book. This guide is the next step towards mastering light.

You’ll discover the secrets of controlling, manipulating and ‘reading’ light used by the professionals.

Study this eBook, and you’ll become a master of light. This guide will give you the ability to recognize, control, and manipulate LIGHT, taught through 155 Pages of Fast Easy Learning packed with illustrations, case-studies and assignments to verify your knowledge.

Value: $50.00

The Powerful Imagery Guide

Take a journey through 15 exclusive case-studies on powerful images.

Do you ever feel like your images lack impact?

Half inspiration, half education. Whether you need a little motivation, or whether you want an exact recipe for creating powerful images, this eBook has something for you.

You get unrestricted access to a professional as you enter their thought process, from forming the idea, to creative decision making, to arriving at the final image.

Value: $40.00

48 Royalty-Free Seasonal Textures

This is the complete set of our premium seasonal textures. Use them to experiment and add some extra creative flair to your work. Or try to bring out different ‘moods’ and emotions in your images.

Completely royalty-free textures you can use in any of your future artworks forever. Even in works you intend to sell!

Value: $200.00

72 Powerful Lightroom Presets Pack

This is a complete set of powerful Lightroom presets to help you transform your images in just 1-click! These have been hand selected to give you a wide variety of results. They can also be tweaked to your liking, or built upon to create your own new preset creations!

Including these sets: Film Emulation, Grunge (Black and White), Grunge (Color), Iconia, Matte Plus, Painted Landscapes, Romantic Portrait, Scene Enhancement, and Split Tones Special Edition.

Value: $200.00

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Printable 'Before Leaving Home' Landscape Checklist.
Printable 'The Psychology of Color' Cheat Sheet
Printable 'Light Color Temperature' Cheat Sheet
Printable Editing/Post-Processing Checklist
How to Analyze a Composition Cheat Sheet
The Seven Steps of Pre-visualization Cheat Sheet
Printable Light Evaluation Cheat Sheet
Rule of Thirds (Composition) Video Tutorial
Visual Weight (Composition) Video Tutorial
Golden Ratio (Composition) Video Tutorial
Leading Lines (Composition) Video Tutorial
Negative Space (Composition) Video Tutorial
Framing (Composition) Video Tutorial
Symmetry (Composition) Video Tutorial
How to Analyze a Composition Video Tutorial
Printable Landscape Shooting Checklist

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Total Value: US$739.00
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Don’t miss out. Join over 200,000 happy photographers who learn with us!

Grab the Power Bundle today!

Your special newcomer discount is only guaranteed until: Midnight March 07, 2021

Total Value: US$739.00
Today Only: $49

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