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Are you struggling to understand and control your camera? This amazing new eBook will take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step in discovering photography skills using your DSLR...


The best way to learn photography is plenty of hands-on practice. This is even more important for beginners-

For beginners, reading from a camera manual is THE absolute worst way to learn photography.

How can you be expected to learn such a practical skill, by reading a boring instruction manual?

You can’t.

It’s not gonna happen.

Here’s something that will help though.

It’s a powerful guide produced by TWO master photography teachers…

The DSLR Crash Course guide, takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step in discovering photography skills using your DSLR.

This eBook is filled with practical exercises that show you exactly what to do AFTER changing your camera settings.

The exercises build upon the previous ones, and let you naturally discover that ‘aha’ moment after performing each activity.

This eBook is adapted from an in-person photography workshop.

The basic photography techniques taught in this beginners’ guide are distilled from a proven in-person photography workshop. Having this e-book is just like being there at one of these raved-about workshops.

Unlike a regular book, it’s designed to quickly get you up to speed with basic photography principles, and provides a platform for you to experiment and refine your techniques.

This is not another e-book on photography theory. Instead, you’ll receive plenty of hand-holding using easy-to-understand conversational language.

Step-by-step exercises, made just for you...

We start off with a section of ‘Photography Exercises’ to familiarize you with the basic techniques of photography, using a show-and-tell approach.

This breakthrough approach has been proven time and again to be effective in getting beginners to start experimenting intelligently with photography.

This approach emphasizes deep understanding, and strives to make photography simple for you.

Analyze how images are photographed.

In the accompanying section called ‘Analyzing The Shot’ You’ll be taken through a professional photographers thought process with the shots that they have taken.

Describing how they arrived at the combination of settings used for each shot, and further advice on how you can apply these techniques to your own photographs.

Designed for easy reading.

Great care has been taken to design an e-book that is easy to use, elegantly crafted and most importantly, effective in teaching you photography.

This e-book is horizontally laid-out, which maximizes your screen area for reading (instead of the portrait orientation that many e-books use).

Paragraphs are narrower for easier reading, and diagrams/photos are used throughout to illustrate each point.

What's covered?

Easy to understand, and easy for anyone to apply.
Just take a look at some of what you’ll discover in this guide:

Take a peek inside the eBook:

Broken into 3 precise sections for easy consumption.
Filled with image examples to help you make sense of each concept.
15 assignments to help you get a practical understanding fast.
Easy to understand diagrams make learning a breeze.
Multiple case-study breakdowns of professional shots to show you how they did it.
Including the exact settings they used for each shot, the lens choice and precise time of day. Take note and re-create similar scenes for yourself.

Here's the deal:

An in-the-field training program with a professional photographer would be valued at around $500-$1000.

But you won’t pay that…

Our authors pour all of that EXACT knowledge and teaching structure into our eBooks.

Our authors expertly craft every word in every chapter, to help you build on a creative skillset and truly master something.

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Remember – With this guide, you’re getting a complete system for understanding and controlling your camera. And, it’s at a fraction of the cost of an in-person workshop. Plus you can re-read the material for FREE anytime you want, whenever you need a quick refresh.

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