How to Produce Your Own Dynamic and Share-Worthy B&W Images, Without Spending Money on Fancy Plugins or Presets.

This is what all photographers ought to know about black and white photography...


Be honest – Have you ever recklessly converted your shots to B&W, hoping to make them 'better'?

Were you disappointed with the results?

OR… Maybe you created a a black & white image that you thought was great… Only it never really went anywhere on Flickr, or Facebook?

Nobody commented.

Nobody liked it.

Just crickets.

It’s ok. I get it. Honestly, I’ve been there too.

You can't be blamed.

After all, converting to black and white seems like it’d be a simple thing to do, right?

We all recognize a bad B&W image… Or a good one!

You don’t have to be a pro to know the difference.

But knowing HOW to “PROPERLY” convert a color file to a Black & White image…

That’s a different story!

It’s key to a great B&W shot

You can gain this knowledge in just 90mins!

No kidding!

Look, I'm not saying that a great B&W photograph doesn’t start at the camera...

What I am saying- is that you can have a great photograph, say one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, like that waterfall above… AND, if you don’t know how to properly convert it to black & white- You will ruin the shot!

On the other hand, you can have a shot that you took in your backyard- and turn it into an AWESOME Black & White photograph…

If you know how…

Introducing... “The Better Black and White Guide”

A complete step by step guide to beautiful B&W conversions from best-selling photography teacher, Kent DuFault.

You could go out and watch EVERY youtube video you can find on B&W photography, spend HOURS scrolling through all of the articles online, and mess around for DAYS on end with filters, plugins, presets and actions.


In just 90 mins, you could read Kent DuFault’s simple easy-to-follow ebook, that covers EVERYTHING you need to know about producing your own powerful share-worthy B&W images.

There's no better guide for B&W.

This is the exact practical follow-along instruction you need to create compelling and beautiful black and white shots, every single time.

Every step is detailed in all three programs: Photoshop, Lightroom, & Elements. But even if you don’t have these applications, there’s enough information in here to help you achieve the same results with the software you already have.

“It doesn’t matter if you love to photograph landscapes, people, macro, abstracts, or any subject that your artistic mind desires- the ‘rules’ of black & white conversion are consistent.”

– Kent DuFault (Author of this B&W eBook)

What's covered?

Easy to understand, and easy for anyone to apply.
Just take a look at some of what you’ll discover in this guide:

Many of us -Myself included- missed out on learning about the artistry of Black & White photography.

We came to photography in the digital age.

It’s not like the old days- where you simply loaded up some black & white film and fired away with your film camera.

Today, you have to convert your digital file to a black & white photograph.

Digital photographers often believe that a Black and White conversion is “Push This Button” Or “Lower That Desaturation Slider”.

Even if you use a black & white plugin, app, or preset- it won’t help you! (not without the knowledge of tone and contrast that you need to make them work for you)

After reading Kent’s book, you’ll be confident in your abilities to spot a potentially good black and white image. As well as having the skills to do a professional conversion WITHOUT extra plugins, apps or presets.

You’ll even find yourself going back through your old images and having another shot at converting them. Think about that for a minute–

How many of your old images could you re-edit into compelling black and white art, with your new found knowledge?

Let’s do this together…

Take a peek inside this incredible eBook:

Broken into 6 concise chapters. With multiple case-studies, self-check quizzes and assignments!
Find out why this simple illustration can make or break your B&W photography.
Follow along, step-by-step, as Kent turns this FLAT photo into a Dynamic Monochrome Image!
Through detailed illustrations & easy-to-read text. You'll avoid all of the common B&W conversion errors.

Are you ready for results like this?

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An intimate 1-on-1 learning session with a seasoned professional photographer would be valued at around $200-$2000.

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