How to Effectively Convey Motion – Free Quick Guide

Capturing motion and conveying motion are two different things.

If you’re just having your morning coffee, that line might be a little bit of a mind twister for you.

It’s true. In photography, capturing motion and conveying motion are two different things.

One is a physical technique and the other is a storytelling technique.

Today, author and photographer Karlo de Leon is going to guide you through the process of mastering the concept of “conveying motion”.

Here are some of the ideas that Karlo covers…

  • Motion Misconception
  • Camera Techniques that Display Motion
  • Motion Blur
  • Freezing Motion
  • Conveying Speed
  • Exaggerating Speed
  • Changing Subject Form
  • Displaying Chronology
  • Going Beyond a Natural Representation of Speed
  • Using Motion as an Artistic Element
  • Motion Perception

This is a really interesting article for anyone, no matter what your photography level is!

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