7 Easy Tactics for Coastal Landscape Photography

Coastal landscapes can be an incredibly satisfying subject for landscape photographers and can result in some stunning images. Besides abiding by the general guidelines for landscape photography, this ebook covers a few other things you might like to think about next time you’re down by the coast with your camera. Here are some of the…

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The Characteristics of Light You Should Understand as a Photographer

Photographers never tire of the discussion about light. It is, after all, a basic building block of our art. What many new photographers don’t realize is that light changes. In fact, it changes constantly. And as light changes, the object(s) it illuminates also change. This is why we can stand in the exact same spot,…

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How to Replicate the Look of Vintage Film in Photoshop

In this short video, Rachael Towne takes you through the steps to replicate the look of vintage film in photoshop.

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